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東京・錦糸町駅徒歩3分の美容鍼灸院Harico。美顔・小顔効果やリフトアップの他、シミ・たるみ等の美容、婦人科疾患や体調不良等の改善に美容鍼灸を是非お試し下さい。ハリウッドセレブや芸能人・モデルの間でも美容鍼が話題になっています。Haricoではあんまマッサージ師 鍼師 灸師 の国家資格を習得している院長がカウンセリングから美容鍼灸やマッサージの施術まで行いますので、ご安心下さい。

About Harico.
Harico is located in Kinshicho in Tokyo.
It is a private-service cosmetic acupuncture salon.

Harmony of the mind, body, and soul

Harico's cosmetic acupuncture is a cosmetic method based on oriental medicine.

This acupuncture treatment induces the body's inherent natural healing power.

It lifts up sagging wrinkles without injections or surgery.

It also eliminates swelling without using expensive supplements, medicines, or cosmetics.

This is why it is called a "holistic beauty treatment. "

Holistic Beauty Treatment
guides the body to use its own strength.

Acupuncture alleviates chronic neck and shoulder stiffness, back pain, and fatigue.

It steadily improves stress-induced psychosomatic disorders, cold, headache, menstrual pain, menstrual irregularities, insomnia, etc., all without the use of drugs.

It also improves functioning of internal organs, builds immunity, and gives the feeling of mental and physical stability.

Skin condition is very strongly influenced by the functioning of internal organs, condition of the body, and the state of mind and spirit.

Harico believes that improving these issues naturally activates skin and decreases wrinkles, sagging, dullness, and swelling.

In eastern medicine, it is believed that there are many pressure points and a large flow of energy in the body and face, and the functioning of internal organs, mental condition, and expression can be determined based on your skin condition.

By stimulating pressure points, energy flow, and muscles with acupuncture and moxibustion, Harico activates your innate healing power and boost immunity, healing the body through your own inner power.

Because it heals the mind, improves the body, and harmonizes the soul, it is referred to as a "holistic beauty treatment.

Become beautiful inside and out with Harico.

This is the result of a basic treatment (75min)

Overall, the face is refreshed, lifted and has become smaller.

In one single Harico beauty acupuncture treatment, you can immediately see results, and Harico will also draw out your inner beauty. After every treatment, you can also expect more anti-aging and skin-beautifying effects.

Harico offers three simple menu options.

There are three menu options, from the small face effect you can see immediately after treatment to an authentic whole body maintenance option that combines acupuncture and massage.

For those aiming for complete transformation, Harico recommends the "Luxury Harico." (95min)

Rest assured that the process from counselling to treatment will all be done by the director who has a national qualification of massage, acupuncture, and moxibustion.

All prices include tax.


All prices include tax.


Hexen House 402
2-14-7 Kinshi
Sumida-ku Tokyo
130-0013 Japan


MAIL: haricobeauty@gmail.com

Mon-Fri:  11:00 am-20:00pm
Saturday: 11:00 am-19:00pm
Sunday: Closed

Staff Profile
Yukako became fascinated by acupuncture and moxibustion treatment due to her own health problems, which led her to pursue the acupuncture career path.

Yukako suffered from stiff neck, headaches, and menstrual pain since she was teenager.

She tried a lot of medicines and supplements, but she did not find a fundamental solution until she tried acupuncture.

She received a variety of treatments including acupuncture while studying abroad in Australia and on other travels, but once she recognised the charm of the precise and delicate acupuncture treatment of Japan, she aspired to be an acupuncturist herself.

"Acupuncture treatment has a tremendous effect on treating symptoms before they are diagnosed as disease.

Do you listen to the voice of your own mind and body?

Do you overlook little signs such as fatigue and malaise because you

"are not sick?"

Harico heals the mind and body from the inside first."